Hokotehi Moriori Trust

Hokotehi Moriori Trust is the organisation that represents the Moriori people-the descendants of Rongomaiwhenua and Rongomaitere on the islands of Rekohu and Rangiaotea (Chatham Islands) in New Zealand and elsewhere.

The Trust operates from Kopinga Marae, and has operational support based on mainland NZ.
There are 8 trustees, 3 from R─ôkohu and 5 from New Zealand (South & North Islands). Hokotehi is involved in several sectors of the islands economy including fishing, farming and tourism. The trust also provides cultural, social and educational services for members.

Hokotehi Moriori Trust is the mandated Imi body authority for Moriori people and in involved in negotiations on behalf of Moriori with the Crown and other government and non-government agencies. The Trust is tasked with developing a commercial, cultural, language and resource base for Moriori. Hokotehi Moriori Trust is based at Kopinga Marae on Rekohu.

Nunuku-whenua, a high-ranking chief outlawed warfare and killing. – ‘From now and forever, never again let there be war as this day has seen!’. After the conflict between the tribes was resolved, Moriori lived on Rekohu for 500 years, developing a culture based on peace, living in harmony with the environment and each other.

This philosophy of peace and harmony has sustained Moriori through the darkness and despair of the recent past. It is a beacon of hope and inspiration for Moriori and a gift for humanity.

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