Rangata Matua and Rangatehi at Launch of Te Keke Tura

Te Keke Tura Moriori Identity Trust

In June 2008, after 3 years negotiations with the Crown, TKT was finally launched at a function at Te Papa Tongarewa Museum in Wellington. The Trust comprises a $6 Million “gift” from the Crown that was settled on Hokotehi Moriori Trust and simultaneously gifted by Hokotehi to Te Keke Tura. While Te Keke Tura has its own trustees, they will work in harmony with Hokotehi Moriori Trust to achieve the cultural objectives of Hokotehi. In other words, TKT is like the cultural arm of Hokotehi. The capital fund is to be kept intact and the money is on deposit in a trading bank earning interest. An investment strategy is in the process of being prepared.  The interest earned is to be applied towards the objectives of TKT  which are outlined in the Trust Deed. The capital fund is to be maintained and grown over time.

The Moriori Identity Trust is designed to ensure that Moriori, as a separate and distinct indigenous culture of Aotearoa/New Zealand, is not lost to this country.  And that the covenant of peace that was observed by Moriori is preserved for posterity and future generations.

In addition to revitalising Moriori culture and identity, the new trust will also be proactive in seeking to engage with and provide resource material to schools universities and other educational institutions in an effort to re-educate present and future generations of New Zealanders about Moriori culture and history. It will also be aimed at helping to correct the wrongs and dispelling the myths that have been perpetuated throughout the education system over the last 200 years about the origins of Moriori. ”

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