Statute Unveiling Commemoration Notice

This notice is to advise members that trustees of Te Keke Tura Moriori Identity Trust (established in 2008 to support and promote revival of Moriori cultural, heritage and identity initiatives) received an application from a member for a grant to help subsidise a group of members to travel to Rēkohu from NZ in January 2017 to celebrate 30 years since the unveiling of the statue of Tame Horomona-Rehe (Tommy Solomon) that occurred on 29 December 1986. Given the cultural significance of this event for all Moriori, trustees of TKT granted the application on the conditions that (1) other members who wished to attend the event may apply for funding to help subsidise travel costs (up to 50%) to Rēkohu and (2) the day of the celebrations be advertised locally on Rēkohu with an invite extended to the local community. So, if there are any members who wish to travel to Rēkohu in mid January 2017 to celebrate this event you are invited to submit an application to the trustees of TKT. Application forms can be found on the Hokotehi website.

HMT trustees and TKT trustees wish to be clear that this is not an HMT or TKT organised event but is being organised by an independent group of members who wish to commemorate the 30 years since the unveiling. Trustees have been advised, however, that the likely date for the commemoration is Saturday 21 January 2017 and will be held at the statue site at Manukau and followed by a hakari at Kopinga Marae. All members are welcome to attend.


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