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Moriori are the indigenous people of Rekohu/Rangiauria who peopled the islands about 1,000 years ago. Traditions tell us that the founding ancestor of Moriori, Rongomaiwhenua, came from eastern Polynesia and his younger brother Rongomaitere sailed on to Aotea (thought to be Aotearoa). Hence there was a period of voyaging between Aotearoa and Rekohu which explains the hokopapa/whakapapa links between Moriori and mainland Maori tribes but our tuakana (elder line) stems directly from Rongomaiwhenua.

All Moriori today trace our ancestry back to Rongomaiwhenua. What distinguished Moriori was their adherence to a covenant of peace which they observed for over 500 years and remains a beacon of hope for our people today.

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