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Kopinga Marae

  • The main reason for building Kopinga Marae was to re-establish a central base on Rekohu in which Moriori could meet, celebrate, debate and just be together. For 20 years whenever we had meetings, hui or wanaanga to attend on Rekohu we were spread around the Island and had no place to call our own;
  • The Marae is an important step in re-establishing our identity on Rekohu.
  • Kopinga is also a tribute to our ancestor’s legacy of peace. The central Pou which sits on the Tuahu in the centre of the House is a dedication to them and the sacrifices they made in holding fast to the covenant of peace in the face of the greatest provocation they had ever faced.
  • Kopinga Marae has quickly become one of the most popular places to visit on Rekohu. It will, in the future play host to students researching peace and conflict studies at Otago University. This research will focus on Moriori and indigenous history and traditions of peace making as part of of the partnership agreement that Hokotehi has with Otago University and the Aotearoa NZ Peace Trust
  • Kopinga Marae will be and has already become the powerhouse for the inspiration, revival and future growth and development of the Moriori people.
  • Kopinga is also an important facility for the whole Island to enjoy and has already hosted a number of community events. It is also the Civil emergency centre for the Chathams.

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